Brand new.....STUFF!!!!

Here are Luciana and Beitris. (Beitris is the Scottish form of Beatrice) They have to support a giant head all of the time except when they're sleeping. Luciana is not Scottish and can't understand Beitris when she talks.

This is an African mosquito spreading malaria.

This is Trody. His bad habit is eating his own neck.


  1. so that's how malaria is spread.. I always thought it was an std. Wow, that guy on a bike is cool, ayaka's parents said so! I think so too, but careful, you might start doing "jock" art.

  2. Frank9.11.07

    no credit?!
    i like how the piece turned out.
    he looks full of malice.

  3. you're freaking awesome jelter.


  4. oooo! lovely drawing!
    I agree with ayaka's parents too

  5. god damn you've got some pretty twisted stuff on here.. (but in the good kind of way) and that biker is pretty god damn awesome

  6. great stuff as always, did you get your inspiration from sausages???:P

    can't wait for your graphic novel!

    oh and no i havent been to pixar...lazy...