kunst ankomst


heres some wobbly shape dudes

this is an illustration about the US using waterboarding to torture "terrorists"

these were supposed to be monkeys

something pretty for mom

i think this is the best. i mean look at that person with that long head, sitting in that other guy or thing, just relaxing. i mean it doesnt get any better than that. i wish i got to make real life instead of just drawings... these guys would work in the hospital. the little guy would do the precision work on your surgery, and the big guy would probably just hand him tools, since hes got no eyes.


  1. the big guy's got great reach too.

    man, i can't believe you already finished your illustration. are you gonna do more for class in the next two weeks?

    i think you need to pop uncle's beard a little bit more.

    I only almost finished one character for my piece....

  2. oh ben.. you're always so in love with your ideas. Tre shiek.

  3. you got a good style going. congratulations on getting on the john navarez blog. he put you on one of his artists lists.

  4. yea, the guy sitting inside the other guy is cool. I want to see you do something with all these crazy characters, write a story. Bring them to life, that would be awesome :)

  5. ryan- what in the world did you just say?
    chris- im working on it, just wait a bit.

  6. heyy u got ur computer fixed~
    i like the last piece too, maybe u should do a sculpture of it!

  7. yea i want to but sculpting is kind of on hold for me while i work on my portfolio. i really want to do some more sculptures though.

  8. Jelter, you know, responding in the comments of your own blog really doesn't do anything except add to your comments. You big goof.

  9. LOVE your drawings!!



  10. wow. you got a great comp on the terrorist piece