My buddy @ultimatoy said something that resonated with me about how drawing is mainly observation and it doesn't matter if you're actually looking at what you're drawing or remembering something that you've seen. I think that I've always thought of drawing from imagination and drawing from memory as kind of the same thing but they're pretty different. I know of a lot of artists that have improved dramatically by drawing from their memory. It's all that my dad did and Claire Wendling said that that's how she draws too. For me drawing from memory produces better drawings because I only remember the important things and I get to heavily design the rest. I can't rely on reality to solve my problems for me. As an instructor I sometimes feel like there's a certain expectation that I'll be able to replicate what is in front of me. @georgedrawing has shown me that you can also prioritize design. My friend @k_pogorelov is really good at drawing from memory even when drawing from life. His drawings have so much more energy and are often totally redesigned. Really inspiring. I think that sometimes copying from life is a sign of insecurity. Anyways... Here's a memory drawing of someone I saw by civic center Bart!

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