Warning: You may not like this if you are a big fan of censorship or if your favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.

I did this comic over a year ago at a 24 hour comic day.  I went for 12 hours and did 12 pages (instead of the regular 24 pages in 24 hours.)  I don't mind working hard but I have a personal policy of always getting enough sleep.  I promised Mark Simmons that I'd post it so I'm finally keeping my word. (Mark actually finished 24 pages!)


  1. Awesome! Thanks for posting this. It looks fantastic for a 12-hour comic, and considering all the other weird stuff you've comicked about, I think you're worrying too much about this particular one being offensive.

    Although if I were a kidney thief, maybe I'd feel ill-represented? It's possible.

  2. Cool comic, but I have a problem with anyone who disses vanilla ice cream.

  3. Damn, I KNEW someone would get offended!