Wondercon- SketchbookX4!

Wondercon is confusing.  Busty Supergirls are distracting.  This map will help you find your way around!

The best table is marked with an X.  If you just want to go in for 5 mins, follow the dotted line to have the best possible time.   
Also I've included some pics from our FOUR HUNDRED page book SKETCHBOOK X4 to demonstrate some of its unique features. 
If you buy one, we'll draw in it.  I'll also have massively reduced prices for my book The Tumor!
 If you can't make it to Wondercon, our book is also available at Gallery Nucleus


  1. I bought this book in December and it remains one of my favs.

  2. Glad you like it! Tell people about it, we still have more! :)