Moscow 38 Preview

I've been working on a comic story that I started a while ago called "Moscow 38."  I've decided to abandon radio silence and keep everyone up to date on the project from now on.
So far it looks like it will be about 42 pages.  22 pages are all done at this point.  I've been trying to set the bar higher for the quality of my comic work on this project.
I'm not sure how I'm going to distribute this yet.  If I have the chance to sell it digitally somehow, I might be willing to try that.  Otherwise, when this story is done, I plan to release a book of short comic stories that I've done over the years with this as the main story.  There should be a ton of stuff for me to include if I decide to do that.
   Let me know what you think!


  1. The last page you posted is really really cool.

    I love the cross-section of the cargo crate as a sort of modified panel. It's a view of the space that can't happen, but it provides so much information.

    The whole page as great balance between the large light-valued expanse. The heavy dark panels at the top creates like this visual tension of everything hanging so precariously and the red boat at the bottom gives some balance.


  2. do you have any idea how bad i want to buy this comic!!!!???