APE Oct. 16-17th! New Sketchbook!

 This book will feature me, George Cwirko-Godycki, Konstantin Pogorelov, and Nate Sisler.  (These guys are awesome!)  It will be sold for the first time at APE this year.  A very limited number have been printed.
Since the size of this book is beyond normal human comprehension, I made this picture:

I'll also have The Tumor and some other stuff for sale.  See the image below for our table location (519) and the location of some friends of mine who will be selling a book called Chromagination(543).


  1. have one prepared for me with a cool drawing. how much is it?

  2. Awesome man. Congrats on selling out on the sb. I'd buy a copy, but I already have poor self- esteem issues. If you throw in some prozac and a couple therapy sessions, I'm down.

  3. Thanks Ryan! We're printing more so I'll be sure to let you know when we get them in. Not sure why you'd need Prozac but I've heard sunshine is a cheaper alternative. If all else fails, we can compare bank statements. You'll feel great after that! ;)