Chicago Trip in progress!

Lost my sketchbook yesterday along with all of my sketches from my trip so far. I went and got a new one and have been furiously trying to fill it with Chicago sketches.
I got to draw this (recently discovered) 42,000 year old mammoth corpse in the field museum.  You saw it in the news...I saw it in real life! 
It's been a great trip so far.  Chicago's museums are comically large.  If you read all the signs I think each museum would take about a week to walk through.  I'll scan the rest of my sketches and upload them when I get back so you won't be subjected to any more crappy camera shots from the hostel!


  1. You got great sketches and color stuff here! Nice and energetic

  2. Brilliant...!Love it.

  3. fantastic:)...


  4. These are some really nice mammoth sketches're lucky you got to see the real thing. Nice blog too.