Lots of Drawings

These are from last semester but I just scanned them and I like them:

Mario- an ambitious and talented lad.

Taran and someone else doing the same drawing

Stefani- learns languages while in the shower. A natural tweaker w/o the drugs.

Some quickstudies from the last few wkshps


  1. dude.. delete that spam quick! it's for some lame spyware/viral thing. That fuckin' ass. Anyways, where was i.. oh yea, nice schtuff! What are stefani and that guy sitting on? Looks like they are floating in space, don't get lazy! You should render more and draw more like disney and maybe not draw such weird things and you should start dressing in nice clothes and shave that beard and have 5 kids!

  2. amazing work ben! i showed my brother your work and he loves it...(showed him ryan's too, loved it..). post more drawings. they are really damn good.

  3. ahh, drawings of Taran and Stefani make me miss the good ol days of the drawing group, we need to have a reunion -_- ... oh yea, cool drawings :p

  4. and I like them too. : D

  5. Who said I wasn't on drugs? Just joking.