Last eccentric Ill

heres something for eccentric ill and some sketches/ a painting


  1. great comp, great colors, great drawing. great hand.

    you can say that technology is man's bastard son.

    oops, just spotting something.
    maybe change the temp a bit on the box infront of the wheel, the shadows blend.

  2. oh snap, i do have to say the fetus head with the baby rats is especially disgusting. Great job! Next time with something like that, you might want to try to get the figure reacting to it in the face, i've noticed you do that a lot, 3 quarter behind where you can't read their expression. Just a suggech.

  3. yeah u must be tired of all teh useless positive feedback and want a crit, so .. i really like the textures and teh look on the car, i think you should be more ambitious with teh line quality and the drawings

  4. hay ben!
    Great work as usal...

    Haha!! My classmate talked about you in class yesterday. They think you are really an artist~

  5. I can't get enough of this stuff. One thing I really like, is the bright light colors comming from the engine compartment. I think the clean almost slimy feeling of a rat litter in contrast with the dirty exteior has a real impact.

    One thing, it looks more like prelim, than a finish. I would say check some Giger, for referance of that baby head.

  6. Benjamin. Like I mentioned in class, I think the Illustration is great. The composition, the choice of color and the overall staging of the scene is freaking dope. This is my favorite one that you've done in that class. Great stuff and can't wait to see The Tumor in progress. Happy Holidays man

  7. man, your stuff is crazy, it seems like you had a lot of fun in ecc. ill though. Nice framing and composition with the large baby head :)

    I really like your lady in a wheelchair, the pen and ink is nice. I kind of think of human steak when i look at the other one... hmm.

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